The director:
Michael Sutton has more than twenty years of experience interviewing and casting "real people" in films, commercials, documentaries and digital content, often at the side of acclaimed filmmaker Henry Corra. 

He has an amazing and consistent ability to connect with people, putting them at ease in a way that allows their best self to come forward.  -Corra

Whether it's a subject's recent cancer diagnosis, start-up business, or loyalty to their favorite toothpaste, Michael gets to the bottom of it with a deep sense of fun and love.

Coming from a long line of Southern storytellers and yarn-weavers, Michael's love of the spoken word goes back to his roots. It’s never simply an interview, it’s an opportunity for people to reveal their true character.

The team:
Producer Jeremy Amar and creative director Henry Corra have decades of experience making creative nonfiction content, delivering the best performances in campaigns, spots, and films for hundreds of brands around the world.